Acrobat Advanced Training Course Info...

Course Duration: 1 Day | Class Time: 9am - 4:30pm | Class Size: 6 Students Max

Training Room Location: Level 1, Opposite Reg. Hosp Nastech Sunyani B/A R.

Course Materials: As part of the course you will receive many useful resources and learning links to compliment your training and help you stay on track after your course.

Certificates: All students receive a certificate of achievement on completion of their course.

After Course Support: On completion of your course you will be eligible for free email and phone support*, to aid you in the development of your new skills.

FREE Course Resit: We offer you the chance to come back in the future and resit your course for FREE*, so if you want to polish your skills further or just recap on a few things this is a great option.

What you need to bring: Nothing. We supply your choice of MAC or PC computer for you to use with all software already installed, and have note pads, pens etc in the training room. If you think it would be beneficial to bring some samples of your work that would be great, but not essential.


Cost: GH¢ ???+GST







About our Acrobat Advanced Training Course

Our Adobe Acrobat Advanced training course has been designed to take you to the next level, making you an Acrobat power user. If you want to work fast, with ease and be in total control of your PDF processes, then this course is for you. We meet you half way, taking your existing skills and improving your approach to PDF creation, editing and collaboration, speeding up the time it takes to get the job done. Acrobat includes many time saving features and functions that people simply aren't aware of; this course is aimed at making you aware of exactly what's possible.












Acrobat Training











Acrobat Advanced







Acrobat One-On-One

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Acrobat Mastery

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Acrobat On-Site

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Who should attend this Acrobat Advanced course?

- Beginners with no or little Acrobat experience

- Anyone who has completed our Acrobat Basics course

- Self taught Acrobat users

- Acrobat users who have never received professional training

- Graphic Designers

- Sales and Marketing staff working with digital PDFs

- Students and school teachers

- Office administration staff



Things you will do and skills you will gain by attending...

- Learn advanced multimedia features to create outstanding dynamic PDFs

- Master digital forms

- Master PDF portfolios

- Improve PDF processing and workflow

- Learn to export and optimise your PDF correctly minimizing large file sizes


Course Outline

Viewing PDFs

Rotating your view

Skipping pages

Working with page displays

Show / Hide

Reading mode

Full screen mode

Read out loud

Comparing PDFs

Split view

Spreadsheet view

Tile PDF views

Creating PDFs

Creating PDFs from file

Creating PDFs from screen capture

Creating PDFs from window capture

Creating PDFs from selection capture

Creating PDFs from web pages

Creating PDFs from your clipboard

PDF Properties

PDF metadata

Document security settings

Font information

Controlling PDF initial view settings

Custom PDF properties

Advanced PDF properties

Merging PDFs

Combining PDFs and other files together

Combine as a single PDF

Combine as a PDF portfolio

Different ways to add files

Reordering you merged PDF

Selecting page ranges in merged PDFs

File size and optimization

Combine options

Working From Tools Pane

Working with pages

Adding bookmarks

Attaching a file

Editing text

Editing objects

Adding new text boxes

Adding interactive links

Working with buttons

Inserting video, audio and multimedia

Working with forms

Understanding actions

Text recognition and OCR

PDF protection

Working From Comments Pane

Understanding comment and markup

Reviewing comments and markup

Reviewing via email

Working From Share Pane

Sharing files via Online methods

Attaching PDFs to email

PDF workflow options


Working With Pages

Rotating pages

Deleting pages

Extracting pages

Replacing pages

Cropping documents

Splitting documents

Inserting pages

Adding a header and footer

Changing background elements

Adding watermarks

Document page numbering

Working With Attachments

Understanding attachments

Adding attachments

Deleting attachments

Opening existing attachments

Extracting attachments

Creating PDF Forms

Understanding form creation

Form creation mode

Adding form elements

Adding checkboxes

Adding radio buttons

Adding text areas

Adding dropdown menus

Creating action buttons

Editing forms elements

Previewing forms

Distributing your form

Tracking forms

Managing form data

Creating PDF Portfolios

Understanding PDF portfolios

Choosing a layout

Adding files to your portfolio

Adding folders

Adding web content

Changing layouts

Selecting a theme

Changing colours

Changing fonts

Portfolio security

Working With Actions

Understanding actions

Improving workflow with actions

Creating new actions

Editing existing actions

Testing actions

PDF Security

Encrypting PDFs with security

Additional security options

Black out and remove content

Redacting PDFs

Finding hidden information

Signing a PDF document


acrobat training


Want to take the next step? Our Acrobat advanced training is designed to take you to the next level. Acrobat includes many advanced features that make creating PDF's more efficient and give you greater control over your workflow. This Acrobat Advanced course is ideal for those serious about PDF editing.

CALL +233-208119650

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